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February 6, 2024 The tax-deductible donation receipts for 2023 have been sent.

At the beginning of February we created the donation receipts and sent them to our donors. If you have not received your donation receipt for 2023 by February 15, 2014, please contact us by phone or email.

Once again we say many thanks to all donors and hope you will support us also in 2024. 


December 1st, 2023     We wish you a nice Advent and a happy Christmastime

Here is a link with a beautiful song for you.--> Just click.



June 20, 2023   Funding commitment from the Social Foundation of the Kreissparkasse Köln for our integration project at the GSH school in Kerpen Horrem

This project, which started in 2020 and helped disadvantaged children make up for learning deficits caused by the corona pandemic, has developed into a very successful integration project.

In close consultation with the GSH teaching staff, children are selected and supported for two learning groups in order to learn the German language they are unfamiliar with. Improving language skills not only promotes acceptance and understanding among children from different countries of origin, but also promotes team spirit and cohesion.Integration and mutual cultural understanding are improved in small steps.

The foundation has so far only been able to secure financing for this project until the end of 2023.

As already reported on June 20, 2023, we applied for funding for our project from the social foundation of the Kreissparkasse Köln in order to be able to continue this successful project in 2024. 

Today we can proudly and with great joy announce that the committees of the Kreissparkasse Köln Social Foundation have decided to support our project with € 5,000!

We see the committee's decision for our school project at GSH Horrem as recognition of the work we have done so far and at the same time as an incentive for the future.We would like to say a big thank you also on behalf of the children and are pleased that the continuation of our integration project is ensured through this funding commitment until the end of 2024.#kskstiftungen @kreissparkassekoeln


February 13. 2023                  Big carnival charity event in Malsch for the benefit of the Nasrin Mir Foundation

click on picture to enlargeclick on picture to enlarge

click on picture to enlargeclick on picture to enlarge

please click on picture to enlargeplease click on picture to enlargeTe small town of Mhalsch near Heidelberg is a stronghold for carnival events in Baden-Württemberg. Every year, tens of thousands people flock to the small town to see the truly magnificent carnival parade. The kilometer-long parade of foot groups and magnificently decorated floats passes very close the house of our board members Marlies and Mike Metzger.

Knowing full well that thousands of spectators are waiting hungry and thirsty for the carnival parade, we opened a sales stand with food and drinks again this year in the courtyard of our board of trustees. The rush was huge, so we were completely sold out after just 4 hours.

Since all those involved and helpers waived any payment for their work, we were able to hand over the entire proceeds from this event to the Foundation.   


January 20, 2023                   We help children in the Iranien province Balochistan

Please click on picture to expandPlease click on picture to expand

please click on picture to expandplease click on picture to expandToday we received the following message and some pictures from the head of the Asgari School in Zahedar:

 Dear Dr.Mirmohammadi and Dear Raymond, Members of Nasrin Mirmohammadi's cultural   Foundation,                                       

 The students in need from Imam Hassan Asgari's school,Zahedan, received your donations on   the  occasion of the mother's day in Iran; i.e,Fatima zahra's birth date ceremony.

 We thank you so much for your donations and your sincere support.
 Best regards,
 Khalili, Head of Imam Hassan Asgari's school ,Zahedan


January 16, 2023               Expansion of our school project at the GHS in Kerpen Horrem                                            

                                                Thanks to your great support, we are able to add another learning group to our school project in Kerpen Horrem. In this way                                                 we help other children to quickly learn the German language they are unfamiliar with and make it easier for them to integrate                                                 and participate successfully in class. 

                                                This new group will start work at short notice under the leadership of Ms. Schiffer with the support of Ms. Kadioglu and is                                                 provisionally limited until the summer holidays of 2023. We will continue to report here on the course and progress of the                                                 children. 


December 24, 2022          Dear friends, helpers, donors and supporters of our foundation,

                                             We would like to thank you all again today and wish you a blessed Christmas full of warmth, with lots of love and peace in                                                  your heart with the people who are important to you, as well as a New Year 2023 filled with happiness, contentment and                                                  health.

                                                 With the beautiful Christmas carol, which you can reach with just one click, we and the children would like to thank you for                                                  your great support in 2022, which made so many wonderful aid projects possible for us in the first place.

                                                  --> Click here for the Christmas song


December 09, 2022            Christmas greetings from the children and the team of our school project in Kerpen Horrem

Today we are particularly pleased that we can continue our tutoring school project at the school in Kerpen-Horrem, which we started in 2020, in the coming year. Your generous donations made it possible for us to continue to support these children in 2023, particularly through targeted language training.


With our school project, we help the children to deal with the language they are unfamiliar with more quickly, promote acceptance between the children and their countries of origin, as well as team spirit and facilitate integration and cultural understanding in small steps.

With the self-painted picture, the group, expanded to 7 children, says thank you very much for your support.

Our thanks also go to Ms. A.Schiffer and Ms. Kardioglu, without whose support we would not have been able to realize this project.


 December 09,2022            Christmas fundraising gala with bingo prize distribution at the Atlantic Beach Club, Playa del Ingles on Gran Canaria

                                               On December 8th, 2022, the big Christmas fundraiser gala with donations of several thousand euros took place in the Atlantic                                                Beach Club on Gran Canaria, Playa del Ingles. In addition to many other charitable initiatives, our foundation also received an                                                amount of 500. € for the statutory use to promote the education of children from socially disadvantaged families.

                                               We say THANK YOU again to Peter and his team from the Atlantic Beach Club!

                                               A report with pictures of the event will follow shortly.


December 05,2022          View of our current projects in 2023

                                            The year 2022 showed us once again how important it is to support education.

                                            Unfortunately, it is the weakest who suffer the most from the unrest in Iran or the war in Ukraine.

                                            That is why we have increased our help for the children in Sistan and Balochistan in the last three months. Both are severely                                             disadvantaged Iranian provinces in the border region with Pakistan and Afghanistan.
                                            Poor people live in Balochistan, where the 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died after being arrested by the Iranian vice squad,                                             came from. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Board of Trustees member Dr. V. Mirmohammadi and his family, we were not                                             only able to find accommodation for homeless children on site, but also personally handed over teaching materials for the local                                             school to the needy. We will continue this project in 2023.

                                            Thanks to your donations, we can also continue to support the project for children with multiple disabilities, who receive care,                                             help in everyday life and school education at Casa St. Maria in Carani/Romania in 2023.

                                            But not only abroad, but also in Germany, the need is huge. That's why we've put another priority for next year on our school                                             project in Kerpen-Horrem.
                                            Did you know that at German elementary schools about 20% of the students in the 4th grade cannot read and write? There are                                             many reasons for that. Some of the children are refugee children from Ukraine and other war zones. Other children come from                                             "uneducated" families where there is no understanding and support. All of these children are willing to learn. but need our                                             support in learning the German language, as well as teaching assistance.

                                            Thanks to your donations, we are able to continue our very successful school project, in which needy children receive free                                             private tuition, in 2023.

                                            Why is this so important to us?

                                            In just 10 years, this growing generation will be 20 years young and their education will determine their personal success or                                             failure, as well as the prosperity of our country.

                                            That is why WE must lay the foundation for this today by promoting education!

                                            We would like to expand our help, but unfortunately our resources are limited.

                                            That's why we trust in your support in 2023 as well.

                                            As always, you can find up-to-date information about the progress of our project here. --> Click

                                            We say thank you very much for your support in this year 2022 and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

                                            We will send you the tax-deductible donation receipts at the beginning of 2023 without being asked.


November 21, 2022          We help children in the Iranien province Balochistan

                                              For more information please --> click here 


   Art, bric-a-brac and actual fashion

Please click to enlargePlease click to enlarge

Charity event of the foundation on August 20th and 21st, 2022 , 10 am up to 18 pm

Location:  69254 Malsch, Hauptstr. 28

The Foundation cordially invites you to this weekend, Saturday 20.08.2022 and Sunday 21.08.2022

This year we start our fist "Art and Trödel Event" in Malsch near Heidelberg. --> Click here for more information

In the picturesque, romantic ambience of our board members Marlies Metzger and Mike Metzger, you can expect:

- An exhibition of paintings by the artist and donor Nasrin Mir.

- bric-abrac, useful and not so useful,

- current fashion,

- Grilled food and drinks

 - Nice people who are happy about your visit,

- Information about the work and projects of the Foundation,

We are shure you have a lot of fun if you spending a nice day with us.  --> Click here for the invitation flyer

100% of the proceeds from this event will be used for the foundation's projects.  All "other costs" are borne by the volunteers.


July 19, 2022                 Promotion of art and culture

In the last 2 years, a lot of artists have been very badly affected by the pandemic and have had nearly no opportunities to realize projects.

That's why we are very pleased to start a small contribution to support a young group of artists, who will have their exhibition on                                     July 30th, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. in 69254 Malsch, Hauptstr. 28 under the name "Salon em bodi ment".

Embodiment describes the interaction between mind and body, the intention of psyche and movement. Body awareness therefore not only helps us to better understand and perceive what we see, but also sharpens our view of the world, but above all of ourselves.

This corressponds to the goals of the Nasrin Mir Foundation with regard to the promotion of art and culture, which, according to the founder's wishes, should initiate a conscious contribution to the improvement of critical areas through "understanding and knowledge".

On the Instagram page at @labor.hace you can have a small preview of the event.

We wish the artist-team great success. Admission is free, donations on site are welcome. More information is available here --> click



February 20, 2022      We support the voluntary projectwork for children with multiple disabilities in Carani.

Thanks to the many donations from you, it was possible for us to transfer a larger amount of money for the donation-financed projects of the Casa "Sf. Maria" in Carani / Romania in 2022.  More information is available here --> click


February 14, 2022        The sale for the benefit of the foundation continues. For sale are 2 clowns sitting on a swing for only € 25. 

--> already sold

soldsoldThe proceeds from the sale go directly to the foundation's account.

The heads of the clowns are made of porcelain.
Both are in very good condition.

On request / request, the sale is also possible individually.
(The big one for €15 and the smaller one for €12)

All information and more pictures are available here --> click


February 14, 2022     We sell a lot of cute little dolls for the benefit of the foundation on ebay.

--> already sold

These dolls have already been sold for €35. The proceeds went to the foundation, see under list of donors These dolls have already been sold for €35. The proceeds went to the foundation, see under list of donors With the purchase of a doll, you can not only make yourself or others happy, but also do good at the same time.

All dolls together for only €25. Please click to go directly to ebay.All dolls together for only €25. Please click to go directly to ebay.Because the proceeds from the sale go directly to the account of the foundation.



February 10, 2022     Report on the progress of our tutoring project in Kerpen Horrem

Under the competent guidance of Mrs. A. Schiffer, the children participating in the project continue to make great progress.

For up-to-date information on the progress of the project, please click here --> click


January 7th, 2022     Sending of donation receipts for the year 2021

We would like to inform you that we are currently working on preparing the donation receipts for the past year 2021.

The donation receipts will be sent to you in short time by post. If you have not received your donation receipt by mid-February 2022, please contact us.


 11/19,/2021  News  News  Start of our fundraising campaign 2021

Please klick to enlargePlease klick to enlarge

 Hard-working hands have spent hours, creating a flyer,

printing sheets of paper and

folding everything together in an envelope.

With this information campaign, at the end of 2021, we want to say thank you to all of our helpers and friends who have supported us financially in the past with words and deeds and with generous donations.

At the same time, we want to inform you - and give you an account of what - and how we used your donations in 2021.

But we also want you to be part of the happyness, bright children's eyes through pictures, who were so happy about your help. We therefore ask for your trust in 2022 as well. Please continue to support us so that we can give even more help with your help.

We are happy about every donation, even the smallest, and hope for the children in our projects that this campaign is successful.

Do you want to support us, but still have questions? Then please contact us, we look forward to your email or phone call.

You can read the letter about the fundraising campaign here -> click

The flyer part 1 is available in .pdf format here -> CLICK

The flyer part 2 is available in .pdf format here ->>CLICK

The direct debit form for everyone who wants to become a project sponsor is available here -> click


 11/02/2021 News   NEWS   A "thank you" from KGS Arloff

Please click to enlarge the picture.Please click to enlarge the picture.We would like to share with you the words of thanks from the headmaster of the flood-damaged KGS Arloff.

We received the pictured card from the headmaster, Mr. Stefan Meier, in which he and the school team once again thanked the Nasrin Mirmohammadi Education Foundation for the wonderful, imaginative help they provided.

We are happy to pass this thank you on to you, our donors.

As Mr. Meier writes: "The children will be amazed, it will be a great consolation for them to help them get over what they have experienced". You made the children and the teachers happy and joyful!

Such feedback gives us strength and spurs us on together with you to implement further education and aid projects that promote the right of children to education.


10/27/2021 News   News     Today is the day of delivery to the flood-damaged school KGS Arloff 

Today, on the first day of school after the holidays, we drove the fully charged car to the KGS Arloff elementary school to deliver our donations. -> Click to the video

In order not to disturb the course of the lesson too much, we had arranged to meet the headmaster Mr. S. Meier at 11:45 a.m. for a break.

On the way we passed the still visible, terrible damage caused by the flood disaster. When we arrived, the headmaster Mr. Meier told us his experiences of the unimaginable events, of a school that was enclosed on the front and back by the raging flood, of people who have lost everything and children who are still traumatized. Thanks to the many helping hands, it was still possible to set up the school within a very short time so that emergency operation was quickly possible.

It was only possible thanks to the many donors and helpers that the children were able to get a hold of their experiences again by starting school.

The joy and gratitude about the donation help is enormous. Mr. Meier asked us to pass on many thanks to our donors. Even if our project "Help for the School KGS Arloff" has been successfully completed, we have been able to see that there is still a lack of many things, from teaching materials to playground equipment. We have therefore decided to stay in close contact with the school and will continue to try to help.

We too would like to say a big thank you to all of our donors and supporters who made this project possible for us!

-> Click for a video of the stream and the school

-> Click to the pictures of our school supplies, as well as the still visible damage to and about the school, it's here.


 09/10/2021 News      News       Help for the flood-damaged school KGS Arloff

 We contacted the KGS Arloff elementary school through the Bad Münstereifel community, which was badly affected by the flood, to clarify where we can provide specific help.

In conversation with the headmaster Mr. S. Meier, the school badly affected by the flood, we were shown where there is an urgent need for help.

The teachers then very quickly sent us a wish list of the "urgencies" that we are currently processing.

The first deliveries of our orders have already arrived.

We hope that all deliveries will arrive by the end of October so that we can then personally hand over the desired "teaching materials" to the KGS Arloff school.

At this point we will report on the further course of our "Flood Aid" project.


08/16/2021 News       News         Our project "playful language training" is finished.

When the children started school, our project "Playful language training for preschool children" was successfully completed. All project information as well as information about the course of the project can now be found under "completed projects"

You can see what the press reports about it here -> click


08/16/2021   News       News       Today we received a transfer to our donation account in the amount of € 1,000 from wonderful people who do not want to be mentioned by name.

I can only really love these great people who came to Germany as a family years ago, who have built up their own independence here and who today help other people in such a natural and humble way and support our foundation, thank you very much on your behalf of the children say.
You are great and I am happy that I met you.


18.05.2021     News     News         Hochwasserkatastrophe in NRW und Rheinland-Pfalz 

Even after a week there are still bad news from the affected flood areas. The death toll after the devastating floods in the Ahrweiler district in Rhineland-Palatinate has risen to 117. In the other affected areas on the Erft and Ruhr, too, the plight of the people is still huge.

With the rain subsiding, the situation seems to have eased somewhat. Many spontaneous helpers and volunteers have helped the local people in the last few days, giving them consolation and hope.

We help too. Especially the weakest, the affected children!

Unfortunately, our resources are limited. Therefore we ask for your donation to help even more children.

Find out what we do and how you can help here -> click


05/18/2021  Today we received a very surprising donation from a wonderful person who met Nasrin when she was lying in the same hospital room with                         his wife.

Like me, this great person lost his wife. For your generous donation, I want to say thank you very much in advance, dear Thomas.

I will thank you personally in the next few days.


Tuesday, May 11th, 2021   News    We  started our new project "playful language training for preschool children".

The Nasrin Mirmohammadi Foundation,  are promoting a "cooperation kindergarten-school" in the community of Malsch near Heidelberg.

To prepare for school lessons, language development and communication are very important.

Children who start school and have no basic German language vocabulary have great problems following the lessons in order to learn to read and write.

Through the financial support of the foundation, disadvantaged kindergarten children will receive language support through the project "playful language support", which enables them to actively participate in class after school.

We will report here shortly about the further process and the small and large project successes.



December 17th, 2020   News       What a great day !   

On December 17th, 2020 we received from the SwissLife Foundation for wealth of opportunities and future 

for our latest project "tutoring"a check about € 5,000 !!

We say thank you very much !!! 

With this  generous donation we are able to help many more children.



Dear visitor,

This website is under translation. Sorry, text is`nt  allready translated now. We are working on to finish asap.

The foundation was created in line with the last wish of the founder Nasrin Mirmohammadi (Nasrin Westphal). The founder wanted to give underprivelidged teenagers, especially underpriveliged young women access to culture and education.

It is founded based on private capital provided by the founder and donation capital.

All capital can only be used for the means of educational promotion, in line with the purpose of the foundation.

All people working for the foundation are volonteers, they don't receive any salary or other financial compensation.

This way we ensure that all donations or other help is dedicated 100% for educational projects, benefitting pupils, students and apprentices.


This link provides more information on the current projects.

This links provides more information on the completed projects.